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You most likely landed here from a credit card charge pointing to this domain.For some products we use Paddle as a payment processor for our products and services and statements include this line if they relate to us:**PADDLE.NET* SOLPRD.COMFor others we use Stripe which will show up asSOLPRD.COM* <Product Name>This page lists our products and help links on how to cancel subscriptions you don't want any longer.If there are any questions left unanswered please contact us at can also visit our main page at

Our Products:

The personalized mass mail merge solution for Outlook 365.
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The privacy focussed plugin to do advanced mail merge for Microsoft 365.
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Email templates for Outlook 365, both personal and shared team editions.
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Innovation Scouting Software for Incubators, Investors and Startup Programs.
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Innovation Voting Software for Incubators, Hackathons and Startup Events.
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